Importance of Cricket Helmets

Jacob Johnstone 

Cricket helmets were originally developed during the late 20th century for use by players in cricket. However, their use as a protective gear gradually waned and after a while, they were completely dropped from the cricketing scene. But they have recently received a resurgence as many teams in various formats are making an effort to get hold of some quality Cricket Helmet online for their players. Cricket is one of the most popular sporting events in the world and it is obvious that the sport is not going to be able to prosper without the support of its players.

One such important aspect of cricket helmets which has witnessed a resurgence in popularity is the lightweight option. These are highly ventilated and durable helmets that provide a great amount of protection for the player as well as the spectators. These types of cricket helmets are manufactured by dealing with the essential issues related to cricketing, which includes protection against impact and light penetration. The first cricket helmet which was introduced back in 1970 was made of heavy polycarbonate. This material was considered ineffective in terms of providing protection against impact, but it was strong enough to withstand light impact, which was very helpful during that era.

Cricket helmet safety improved with 3D simulation | E&T Magazine

After the polycarbonate helmet was flaunted as an effective way to protect the player’s eyes, a new outer shell was introduced. This time round, it was made of high density foam. Thanks to this foam, cricket helmets were able to absorb not only the impact of the ball, but the jostling of the players too. The density of the foam also made it quite light, which was another contributing factor to its success. However, the major drawback with these cricket helmets was their inability to absorb shock, which caused many players to fall unconscious during matches.

However, with the introduction of a new generation of cricket helmets, all these issues have been sorted out. The material used for manufacturing the shells of these cricket equipment is now quite thicker, which ensures that the player receives complete protection from all sides. This makes these cricket equipments much more reliable than their predecessors, who received only the protection provided by the outer shell.

One major problem faced by players during tournaments is the inability to wear their helmets without fear of the strap getting entangled in the netting. Earlier, cricket helmets used to be solely ventilated, but with the development of newer designs, some players have requested that they be made helmet equipped with a rear strap. While some cricket enthusiasts favor using these newer designs because of their increased ventilation, others feel that the risk of the strap being trapped during the match is too high. This is why many administrators have allowed players to wear their helmets without the strap, if the necessary approval is not granted.

Comfort is yet another major issue cricket players face while wearing these cricket helmets. Though lightweight materials and advanced technology are being incorporated into the manufacture of these cricket helmets, their comfort has not improved much over the last few years. Though improvements have been seen, the lack of comfort continues to be a major hindrance. Some players simply refuse to wear them, because they do not feel comfortable in them. This makes buying a good cricket helmet a very challenging task, because one must choose the one that provides optimum comfort and protection at the same time.

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