Reasons Why You Should Custom Frame Your Artwork

Jacob Johnstone 

When you’re in the market to purchase a new frame, you should know what to look for in a custom frame. The most important factors to consider are the material and finish, reversibility, and color options. These factors all affect the overall look and feel of the artwork. Check out for the best custom framing.

Reversible framing

The best way to preserve your artwork is to have it framed properly. The first step in framing is to affix the artwork to a backing material. This will prevent the artwork from shifting around. The backing material should be acid-free. The next step in framing is to use a hinge. For some products, this hinge is reversible.

A reversible frame gives you the option of reversing the frame after mounting the art. This feature is ideal for collectors who want to be able to change their frames without damaging the work. Reversible framing is also ideal for those who have works that have been handled badly in the past. A previous owner may have chosen a frame that did not suit the art, or the frame itself may have become damaged. It is important to work with a framer who is experienced with conservation techniques.

Conservation framing

Conservation framing is a process that frames artwork in a way that preserves its quality and integrity. The process requires professional framers to adhere to certain guidelines to ensure that the artwork stays safe and intact. This method is not only appropriate for expensive works, but is also important for inexpensive prints. Here are some guidelines to help you select the right framing method for your artwork.

Conservation framing is the best choice for artwork that you’d like to protect and display for future generations. Whether it’s an original painting or a limited-edition print, conservation framing is the safest way to ensure that your artwork will remain in its best condition. Conservation framing is also recommended for precious photographs, newspaper clippings, and first drawings of children.

Color options

One important consideration when custom framing artwork is the color scheme. If you have a painting that has a wide range of colors, it may be difficult to choose the correct color scheme. For this reason, you should be sure to determine the subject matter of the artwork before choosing a color.

For the most effective framing, choose a frame color that complements the artwork. While white and black are a safe choice, you can also use a variety of brighter hues. Ask a local picture framer to show you different color schemes next to the artwork so you can see how they will look with the piece. You can also trust your instincts when it comes to colour choices, but avoid being influenced by the latest trends.


Custom framing your artwork is a great way to protect and enhance your piece of art. However, the process of framing requires knowledge and understanding of the attributes of your artwork. By following a few steps, you will be well on your way to framing your artwork with elegance and sophistication.

First, choose the right frame. The frame should complement the artwork, rather than detract from it. The right style and color can make your piece pop.

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