UV-C Disinfection Systems & Devices – What You Should Know About UV-C Water Disinfection

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UV-C Disinfection Systems & Devices are available to protect the staff and visitors in the sanitizing, washing, drying, and disinfecting of a wide variety of foods, chemical substances and liquids that can be potentially harmful to humans and damage their health if improperly handled. uv-c light for room disinfection is particularly effective against biological contaminants such as bacteria and fungi. The main types of UV-C disinfection systems & devices are UV-C Marine Decontamination System (for liquids and suds) and the UV-C Environmental Protection System (for surface and food packaging and waste disposal). Other types of UV-C Disinfection Systems & Devices include UV-C Ultrasonic Cleaners, UV-C Microwave Oven, UV-C Microwave Misting, UV-C Automatic Dispensers, and UV-C Automatic Extractors.

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UV-C is an ultraviolet radiation that occurs naturally and is very powerful. The UV-C spectrum can range from ultraviolet (UV-A) to x-rays. The UV-C spectrum is the same energy range as that of sunlight. There are four different classes of UV-C, with each having different applications and strengths. These classifications are broad spectrum, UVA/UVB, UVA/UV, UVA/alus, and ozone.

UV-C is particularly effective against biological contaminants like bacteria and viruses, which are why it is commonly found in disinfection products for hospitals and other large facilities. Food service providers are now commonly using UV-C disinfection products on food handling equipment, including food receiving tables. Some consumers have requested UV-C disinfection products on organic fruits and vegetables to reduce the contamination of organic gardeners with pesticides. Other consumers have requested UV-C disinfection products to kill airborne bacteria. These requests are not, however, likely to be approved by organic gardeners since UV-C is a cancer-causing radiation, albeit in very low doses.

Another popular UV-C disinfectant product is the anti bacteria UV-C light disinfection stick. This UV-C light disinfectant device comes in a small hand held UV-C light disinfectant pen and is used on the ground or surface that the user is planning to clean. The UV-C light disinfectant sticks are attached to sponges before the user puts them on the ground or surface, and once they are in place, the UV-C light disinfectant sticks activate the UV-C killing power of the UV rays.

It should be noted that although the UV-C light disinfectant stick has a UV-C kill level of 40 mcg/cm squared, the disinfectant does not work well on those surfaces with a larger amount of bacteria (e.g., bedding and furnishings). When you have decided on a system or device, make sure that it also contains an agent to destroy microorganisms. If your system or device doesn’t contain an agent for this purpose, you will get more UV-C disinfection efficacy than you bargained for. One way to get price protection for your UV-C disinfection device purchase is to get a chlorine dioxide disinfectant stick attached to the UV-C disinfectant system. As discussed earlier, chlorine dioxide is an effective UV-C disinfectant agent and it does not get affected by the bacteria or any other microorganism (e.g., protozoa) that might be growing on the surface of your soil or in your water reservoir. If you would like to have chlorine dioxide disinfectant for the sole purpose of UV-C disinfection of your soil and surface, however, you can purchase a chlorine dioxide encapsulated UV-C disinfectant stick separately.

UV-C disinfection devices and systems are designed to kill certain types of harmful microorganisms. For example, if you would like to protect yourself from cryptosporidiosis, you should look for a UV-C water disinfection device with a strong chlorine oxidizing feature. However, you should look for a UV-C sterilization wand because this type of UV-C water disinfection wand has a very strong sterilizing component.

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